Snowboard Monument T-Shirt and Hoodies in Black

Our limited edition retro/nouveau forty-year anniversary tee celebrates the pioneers, mountains and roads that gave rise to snowboarding!

We started by using Burton Snowboards' very first logo from 1977 – designed by Londonderry’s own, Mimi Wright. Colors of dark teal and orange represent the first snowboard produced in the Londonderry shop.  In the center of the mountain logo we put an indication of the silouhette of the monument celebrating forty-years of snowboarding. Then we touched on the ‘Golden Triangle’ of Stratton Mtn, Magic Mtn, and Bromley Mtn – where Jake Burton tested out his initial prototypes.  Stratton Mtn was then the first mountain to officially allow snowboarding and paved the way for nationwide acceptance.  Underneath it all is a map showcasing Londonderry and the surrounding community, representing the hardworking entrepreneurial spirit of the area that remains to this day. 

 It’s a perfect blend.  Hand designed by local artist Garrison Buxton of Ad Hoc Art and 100% shaped by it’s environment!

T-shirts and Hoodies